High Heat

High Heat

Book Title: High Heat

Author: Richard Castle

Format: Hardback | 304 pages

Publication Date: 25 Oct 2016

ISBN-13: 9781785654688

An ISIS-style beheading of a journalist, carried out by a New York City group pledging fealty to that rogue state, becomes more than just another case for NYPD Captain Nikki Heat when the killers announce their next target: her husband, magazine writer Jameson Rook. Desperate to ensure his safety, Heat tries to contact Rook, who is supposed to be writing a profile about independent presidential candidate Legs Kline, a sudden favorite for the White House. Except Rook is suddenly nowhere to be found.But as if that one deeply personal case is not enough to plunge Nikki Heat's world into turmoil, there suddenly comes another. It begins when she catches a glimpse of a street person who she swears is her mother-a woman who has been dead for nearly twenty years.