Memories and Missions

Memories and Missions

Book Title: Memories and Missions

Author: Paddy McMahon

Format: Paperback | 158 pages

Publication Date: 26 Nov 2015

ISBN-13: 9781784650643

Bríd is clairsentient: she feels other people's issues, pains and worries. In Memories And Missions, she takes us with her on a journey from first discovering her extraordinary talent to witnessing how she puts it to good use by helping to relieve people from their suffering, or to release the trapped spirits of people who have died so they can "cross over into the light." This very personal account is backed up by detailed and appreciative testimonials from grateful recipients of Bríd's healing, written in an informal, direct and straightforward style. Bríd isn't trying to convert us or ask us to believe in anything - she simply tells it as it is. But don't expect to learn nothing new: find out what it means if you dream that your pet dog has turned into a crocodile!