Visions of the Multiverse

Visions of the Multiverse

Book Title: Visions of the Multiverse

Author: Stephen Hawking

Format: Paperback | 272 pages

Publication Date: 20 Feb 2011

ISBN-13: 9781601631299

The idea of a multiple universe reality is no longer considered speculative or implausible by many physicists; rather, it is deemed inescapable. Distinct concepts of the multiverse spring from quantum mechanics, cosmology, string theory-based cosmology, and ideas about a mathematics based reality that borders on the religious.

In this accessible and entertaining book, Dr. Manly guides you on a tour of the many multiverse concepts and provides the non-technical background to understand them.

Visions of the Multiverse explores questions such as:
Just what is a multiverse?What are the different concepts of the multiverse and how are they related?Is it possible to determine if we live in a multiverse...or even in multiple types of multiverses?How do religious concepts of the afterlife and popular ideas based on the Law of Attraction relate to the scientific visions of the multiverse?

Dr. Manly discusses a wide variety of fascinating concepts from relativity and the fundamental particles and forces of nature to dark matter, dark energy, and quantum mechanics in an unintimidating and conversational tone.

Is humanity is in the midst of a new Copernican revolution? You decide.