Pathfinder Module: Cult of the Ebon Destroyers

Pathfinder Module: Cult of the Ebon Destroyers

Book Title: Pathfinder Module: Cult of the Ebon Destroyers

Author: Mike Welham

Format: Paperback | 32 pages

Publication Date: 15 Mar 2011

ISBN-13: 9781601253170

Now is the time to bring down the Ebon Destroyers! Too long have the
secretive Vudran cultists known as the Ebon Destroyers gone unpunished for their
crimes of murder and assassination. Too long has the Isle of Jalmeray suffered
from their deadly machinations. The Thakur of Jalmeray has outlawed the cult,
and received in response an ultimatum stating that if he doesn't revoke his
edict, he and his family will die before the month is out. The heroes must
locate the Ebon Destroyers' hidden temple headquarters, battle the cult leaders,
and save the Thakur himself!
Cult of the Ebon Destroyers is an adventure for 8th-level
chararacters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible
with the 3.5 Edition of the world's oldest RPG. Inside you'll find
intrigue and espionage in the slums and palaces of the city of Niswan and a
perilous trek through the dense jungle and rugged hills of southern Jalmeray to
the depths of a diabolical shrine.