Free Voluntary Reading

Free Voluntary Reading

Book Title: Free Voluntary Reading

Author: Stephen D. Krashen

Format: Paperback | 90 pages

Publication Date: 18 May 2011

ISBN-13: 9781598848441

An eye-opening look at the latest research findings about the success of free voluntary reading in developing high levels of literacy.

Free voluntary reading looks better and more powerful than ever. Stephen D. Krashen, PhD, is an advocate for free voluntary reading in schools and has published many journal articles on the subject. Free Voluntary Reading: Power 2010 collects the last ten years of his extensive work and reconsiders all aspects of this important debate in light of the latest findings.

The book provides an accessible examination of topics, such as free voluntary reading's value in language and literary acquisition domestically and worldwide, recent developments in support of free voluntary reading, whether rewards-based programs benefit the development of lifelong reading, the value of phonics in reading instruction, and trends in literacy in the United States.

* Presents and organizes information in reprints of articles written by Stephen Krashen and published in journals worldwide

* Addresses 83 generalizations about research that point to the success of FVR in developing literacy