Karate: The Complete Kata

Karate: The Complete Kata

Book Title: Karate: The Complete Kata

Author: Hirokazu Kanazawa

Format: Hardback | 239 pages

Publication Date: 03 Jul 2013

ISBN-13: 9781568365176

The martial art of karate can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or gender, and can be undertaken at any time during a person's life. Embraced by people the world over, this traditional Japanese art continues to hold universal appeal. Among the most important aspects of karate practice are the kata, patterns of movement that are carefully choreographed and arranged in sequences.
With Karate: The Complete Kata, Hirokazu Kanazawa, the foremost figure in the karate world today and a disciple of Gichin Funakoshi, the father of modern karate,