Nakajima B5N `Kate' and B6N `Jill' Units

Nakajima B5N `Kate' and B6N `Jill' Units

Book Title: Nakajima B5N `Kate' and B6N `Jill' Units

Author: Nicholas Millman

Format: Paperback | 96 pages

Publication Date: 29 Jun 2017

ISBN-13: 9781472818744

Entering service during the Sino-Japanese War, the Nakajima B5N (code-named `Kate') excelled and went on to achieve surprising and dramatic successes in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It also contributed to the sinking of the US aircraft carriers USS Lexington at the Battle of the Coral Sea, USS Yorktown at the Battle of Midway, and USS Hornet at the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Its replacement, the Nakajima B6N `Jill', while a marked improvement over its illustrious predecessor, was never able to achieve its full potential in combat due to advances in Allied aircraft, finding itself relegated to the dreaded Kamikaze strikes in the latter part of the war.
Using previously unpublished photographs as well as colour illustrations, this book will cover the history of the `Kate' and `Jill' torpedo/attack bombers, including their design and development, as well as the combat highs and lows of the Imperial Japanese Navy's premier torpedo-bombers.