Guided Inquiry Design<sup> (R)</sup> in Action : Elementary School

Guided Inquiry Design&lt;sup&gt; (R)&lt;/sup&gt; in Action : Elementary School

Book Title: Guided Inquiry Design<sup> (R)</sup> in Action : Elementary School

Author: Carol Collier Kuhlthau

Format: Paperback | 147 pages

Publication Date: 07 Jun 2018

ISBN-13: 9781440860355

This book explores Guided Inquiry Design (R), a simple, practical model that addresses all areas of inquiry-based learning and sets the foundation for elementary-age students to learn more deeply.

One of three needed for district-wide implementation of GID at all levels, K-12, this book provides an introduction to an educational method that embeds information literacy into content areas and encourages students to acquire a more intimate knowledge of subjects through asking questions and conducting more thorough research.

Intended to be used alongside Guided Inquiry Design (R), lessons are laid out using the GID session plan templates from Guided Inquiry Design (R). Readers can implement these lessons as they are or use them as models in designing their own, similar units customized for their own local or school population and to meet relevant standards and content. Included in these lesson plans are lessons created by educators for increased student interaction that enhance the elementary educator's ability to instruct younger students using the GID process.

* Describes GID in the elementary school

* Offers step-by-step instructions with tested lessons and units created by librarians and teachers

* Includes templates for design and implementation in Grades K-5

* Contains examples of Inquiry Tools for use in Grades K-5

* Provides checklists for assessment of learning aligned to standards