Dengeki Daisy , Vol. 10

Dengeki Daisy , Vol. 10

Book Title: Dengeki Daisy , Vol. 10

Author: Kyousuke Motomi

Format: Paperback | 192 pages

Publication Date: 19 Apr 2018

ISBN-13: 9781421542676

Can a mysterious DAISY protect her?

After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with DAISY, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help... Could DAISY be a lot closer than Teru thinks?

A powerful organization that was after Kurosaki's 'Jack Frost' virus suddenly falls apart, but Kurosaki can't rest easy since Akira was somehow involved. Furthermore, Akira tells Kurosaki that Teru is still a target! Can Kurosaki protect Teru from Akira's menacing schemes?